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Key Features:
  1. Designed to meet AAHRPP accreditation standards
  2. Eliminates worry keeping up with regulatory changes
  3. Provides 100% support for the entire study lifecycle
  4. Eliminates paper processes
  5. Speeds collaborative application preparation by study teams and reduces delays in routing and review
  6. Accelerates processing of meeting discussions and decisions into compliant records and correspondences
  7. Keeps everyone notified of important milestones and the need to attend to their part of the process
  8. Simplifies required communications
  9. Ensures the study team uses only the latest, approved consent form and your own watermarks
  10. Manages the audit trail for all document versions
  11. Makes the system easy to use “out of the box”
  12. Cross-system sharing of information reduces errors and compliance risk and facilitates rapid access to remote data
  13. Simplifies eIRB setup and ongoing operations for IT-overburdened organizations

myResearch Orientation

myResearch IRB Creating a new Study Submission

myResearch IRB Creating an RNI Reportable New Information Submission

Key Features:
  1. Standardizes budget preparation and review
  2. Minimizes sponsored research review time
  3. Opportunity coverage for NIH, NSF, DoD, and more
  4. Eliminates redundant data entry and improves collaboration between sponsored research and finance
  5. Expedites award setup and improves financial accuracy
  6. Transparent award change management
  7. Ensures consistent processes and timely reminders to researchers and staff for pending work items
  8. Provides management visibility into research portfolio demographics and financial planning metrics
  9. Management of budgets, milestones, contract terms, sub-recipients, and compliance status

myResearch Orientation

myResearch Grants Training Livestream

IACUC Coming Soon!

Key Features:
  1. You will be able to efficiently develop and submit an agreement, view the status of your agreement at a glance, including most recent activities and reviewer comments.
  2. You will be able to track updates as your agreement advances through key milestone points, thereby bringing an enhanced level of transparency to the process.
  3. You can clone previously submitted agreements, saving you valuable time in the submission process.
  4. You will only be presented with submission questions relevant to your agreement, streamlining the submission experience.
  5. You will have access to an archive of your agreements processed in myResearch Agreements in a centralized, easily-accessible location.
  6. Your agreement will be reviewed simultaneously by the staff in the Office of Sponsored Programs and any applicable ancillary reviewers (e.g. research compliance)

myResearch Orientation

myResearch Agreements Training Video

Key Features:
  1. Eliminate paper costs
  2. Eliminate redundant data entry
  3. Get instant access to all protocol data
  4. Track individual safety protocols serially or in parallel with IRB studies and IACUC protocols
  5. Help ensure adherence to NIH and other federal, state and local regulations
  6. Easily access all information in one secure location
  7. Manage all your research facilities from a central location
  8. Enable facilities planning by accessing up-to-date facility information
  9. Get additional support from peers
Key Features:
  1. Complete annual certification electronically
  2. Research-based certifications only at Award time, PHS Award anniversaries and IRB protocol approvals
  3. Certification at proposal submission not required
  4. CITI COI training date autopopulates every 3 hours
  5. Information stays within system every year

myResearch Orientation

myResearch COI without Disclosure

myResearch COI with Disclosure

  • What is myResearch?

A new portal dedicated to help you manage all your research administration activities.

  • What username and password should I use to log in to myResearch?

You have to use the campus NetID. It is the same credential used in Google Apps for Education, Taleo/Jobs, COEUS, LIbraries and Blackboard.

  • What training can I get for using myResearch?

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide, Youtube videos or attend future in-person training sessions.

  • How often do I need to update my disclosures?

Disclosures should be updated within 30 days of changes. Certifications are required annually. Additional research-based certifications may be required at time of Award, PHS Award anniversaries or IRB protocol submissions.

Project Information:
Information about the myResearch project can be found at
Suggestions and Feedback:
You may provide input by emailing or submitting the feedback form at